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Newsha, salon exclusive, quality, natural, hair, haircare, styling, brand, unique, products, hairdresser, treatment

Great brands don’t run on mediocrity. Great brands aren’t plucked out of thin air. They develop and grow. They are driven forward by visionaries. They are built, reviewed and optimised. And they are only considered as being perfect once every sceptic has been convinced. A good brand needs professionals who not only invest their heart and soul but also believe in what they are building. The NEWSHA brand and we, the employees, can proudly say that we have walked this path. In fact, that is exactly how NEWSHA came about!


In 2013, the label began to come to life. NEWSHA was officially launched at Germany’s largest Haircare and Beauty trade fair. The name Newsha comes from a Persian word that means ‘silent listener’. And the name is a superb fit because a product can only be perfect once it fulfils the high requirements of our partners and customers.


From the outset, NEWSHA concentrated on providing a minimalistic but focussed range of products rather than catering for the mass market. The product range offers hair enthusiasts a straight path through the consumer jungle. Quality, not quantity. That’s why our high-end products are aimed at clients who know the value of an innovative range of products containing natural ingredients. We only create unique, specially selected products that perfectly complement one another.

Newsha, salon exclusive, quality, natural, hair, haircare, styling, brand, unique, products, hairdresser, treatment

It’s not just the way the NEWSHA range was selected that sets it apart from typical mass-produced brands. The product journey is significantly different to that of other hair care brands – from the development of the products through to their use in salons or homes. For example, we care deeply about not testing our products on animals.

For us, it is a great honour to have been certified by the animal rights organisation PETA. NEWSHA is aware of the weight of its responsibility as a company. We have the opportunity to utilise nature’s treasures – but we need to give something back. That’s why we save resources by ensuring that our bottles and pots are refillable. Customers can refill them at selected salons as a way of helping to protect the environment. On top of all this, NEWSHA still successfully uses designs and colours to ensure that the bottles and tubs become bathroom ornaments.