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A salon-exclusive brand thrives primarily on one thing: innovation. That’s why Newsha does everything it can to ensure that its partner salons are always the first to be offered the latest system applications. Modern technology meets the highest form of hair care – thanks to luxurious treasures of nature: the new era of hair care! We help our partners to transform their salons into forward-looking spaces that are brimming with expertise.

Whether it’s permanent and effective straightening, optimum protection when coloring and bleaching hair or the ultimate hair repair treatment – with NEWSHA, our partner salons can fulfill all of the customers’ requests while constantly focusing on the hair´s health.

Straightening System 2.0

This system provides long-lasting straightening. In contrast to well-known chemical straightening methods, however, the Triple.S Straightening System is nourishing rather than damaging. The Triple.S Straightening System will leave your hair frizz-free and glossy for up to six months.

Rescue System 2.0

Our Rescue System 2.0 is used for customers who require intensive, highly effective hair rescue. Regular heat stylings, highlighting and coloring harms the hair, resulting in brittle, damaged hair. The Rescue System helps regenerate the hair and give it a healthy structure.

Bondi Bleach System

Straw-like yellowish blonde hair is a thing of the past. The Bondi Bleach System offers hair the very best protection during the bleaching process. Also, multiple stages of lightening can be performed in one day, so that dazzling blonde hair can be achieved in only one session.

Colorwatch System

Finally! Rich hair color without damaging your hair – our Colorwatch System is what makes it possible. It contains rejuvenating and protective ingredients such as amino acids, which not only protect the hair during the coloration process but also strengthen it.