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You are an ambitious hairdresser...

...and looking for a salon exclusive brand providing you innovative products and outstanding salon systems, then Newsha is the perfect partner for your salon. We stand for growing success, maximum performance and the best support! NEWSHA is the right choice for you!

You are a successful distributeur...

...looking for the distribution of a professional haircare brand – made in Germany? NEWSHA is the answer. In order to expand our international presence, Newsha is looking for new business partners. We offer you the possibility to share our story of success and to distribute our products in your country.


These 33 REASONS show you why NEWSHA is your excellent partner!


True love for the hairdressing sector and passion for the craft

We share something very important with our partner salons – love and passion for the hairdressing sector.


Deep understanding for the needs of the hairdresser

According to the brands name “Newsha”, the name originates from the Persian and means attentive listener, we care for our customers’ needs and concerns.


Inspiring brand story

Newsha is the result of a selected circle of experts and passionate hairdressers. Newsha listened to hairdressers all over the world and tailored the products to their needs and inspirations.


Exclusion on online sales

Sale of the products on the internet is prohibited we keep strict control to immediately crack down violations. We promise salon exclusivity to the hairdresser and make every effort to keep this promise.


Salon exclusivity

Newsha is and remains salon exclusive! The story behind the brand is the basis of this principle: We set ourselves apart as a salon exclusive brand from the broad masses in the hairdressing market and follow a close cooperation with our partners.


Innovative in-salon systems

Newsha offers its partners innovative salon-systems – a sales guarantee for the hairdresser, an individuality feature, salon exclusive services that generate added value and go beyond the standard services.


Straightening System 2.0 – the best straightening system

The Straightening System 2.0 is formaldehyde-free, does not weighten the hair down, allows a variety of styling and preserves the natural root volume.


Bondi Bleach System – Unique bleaching powder

The innovative Anti Damage Technology contains maleic acid, which penetrates the hair structure and binds with the keratin structure of the hair. The hair is strengthened and protected during the whole bleaching process.


Rescue System 2.0 – intensive hair repair

Our popular Rescue System revolutionized the haircare industry, because it offers root to tip hair repair. Rescue System swiftly halts hair breakage, repairs damaged hairs and permanently seals its nourishing substances into the hair.


Colorwatch System – dream color without damage

Our revolutionary Colorwatch System is an absolute must for any hair coloring service. The carefully selected blend of active ingredients repairs broken connections between keratin fibres and forms new bonds.


Vegan products as far as possible

This is especially in Europe an ever more important issue and the demand for vegan products is increasing immensely. Newsha values vegan ingredients and only a few of our products are vegetarian.


Based in Germany

Quality seal, “based in Germany” stands for quality, diligence, efficiency, precision and therefore for good, reliable and just as solid as innovative products.


Precious ingredients

A trend that is increasingly moving from the skin care sector to hair care. Our products provide valuable ingredients that are free of parabens and sulfates.


Compressed product range

No superfluous products – every product is reliable. Products can be mixed with each other. We offer you a clear collection with 100% thought out products: every product keeps its promises, it is clear in its use and uncompromisingly perfect in its claim.


Wide range of packaging sizes

We offer up to 5 pack sizes per product to give the hairdresser the greatest possible flexibility.


Understandable product division and names

The customer immediately knows what he can expect from the product. No misleading descriptions, every important ingredient is claimed.


Latest and nature-based product recipes

Our oils are cold-pressed. This has the advantage that the nourishing and nourishing properties of the oil will contain.


Cruelty free

NEWSHA – private haircare is PETA listed and therefore a certified cruelty-free brand.


Exceptional education program

Our focus is clearly on education, this is one of the most important issues with us. We offer our hairdressers, as well as our distribution partners the opportunity to participate in new and inspiring seminars.


Individual customer support (Club Concept Program)

Support of the customer in different topics. Monthly debiting in the form of flats allows customer-friendly financing as well as maximum flexibility.


Flat hierarchies

Enable direct contact to the different departments guarantees first-hand expertise.


Family business

Newsha provides more than 30 years of experience on the professional hair cosmetic market.


Special support in Online Marketing

We believe in the importance of Online Marketing and offer our distribution partners the possibility to adapt our website – to be directly online. We also support our partners with our Social Media-knowhow (we create a Facebook account and maintain it on demand).


Online mediathek for our distributors

All materials and special Newsha content which have been produced once can be downloaded at any time.


Participation on national and international trade shows

This guarantees a permanent growth of the brand and Newsha is always up-to-date.


Internal advertising agency

We value consulting, support and implementation of the ideas of the distributor.


In-house full-service agency

Newsha offers its partners “an all-round carefree package” including online performance, brand development and education.


24/7 customer service

We give our best to support you 24/7 anytime, regardless the different time zones.


Family membership

Newsha offers its partners the feeling of being part of the Newsha family. Problems are solved together, we grow hand in hand.


Trend awareness

We cooperate with popular blogger and influencer to expand the brand and keep up with the times.



We offer you the possibility to share our ongoing success story and to distribute our products in the international market. With Newsha by your side, you can conquer the haircare market.


Steady and organic growing business

We prefer organic growing business instead of an unhealthy growth. This strategy involves strengthening our company using our own energy and resources.


Profound hairdressing knowhow

Our brand is deeply rooted in the hairdressing craft. Our CEO is former German Hairdressing Champion and knows the business like no other.