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The use of nature-based, high-quality ingredients takes the highest priority in our formulations. In the compositions, we mainly rely on vegan ingredients; only a few exceptions are vegetarian. We know that natural ingredients are much milder than chemical alternatives. In addition, natural ingredients are a much better choice as humans increasingly show an allergic reaction to chemical compositions.

Rosemary fights dry and sensitive scalp. It has got a calming effect while simultaneously stimulating blood circulation. In addition, it works wonders on brittle hair, as the essential oil obtained from the rosemary provides the hair with precious moisture. The oil is composed of terpenes cineol and camphor and leaves your hair smooth and glossy with a wonderfully soft and healthy feeling. Due to its particularly gentle care, it is also suitable for people with sensitive scalp. The plant originates in Morocco. Today, however, it is also cultivated in many other regions.

also vera, healing effect, uv protection, natural ingredients, essential, natural haircare, quality

Aloe Vera has made a name for itself all over the world because of its soothing and healing effect and is one of the oldest medicinal plants known on earth. It is used not only in hair care but also in homeopathy. The plant originally comes from Southern Europe and South Africa, but is now also found in many other regions, such as Asia. With over 200 valuable ingredients, it can be used in many ways. The plant provides moisture and acts as a natural UV protection as well, thus preventing the hair from bleaching and drying out. Frizz and brittle ends don´t stand a chance anymore. At the same time, the plant can also be used for treating dandruff scalp because of its soothing effect.

also vera, healing effect, uv protection, natural ingredients, essential, natural haircare, quality

The grape seed extract is a popular and particularly precious ingredient of various cosmetic products. Thanks to their ingredient OPC, grape seeds offer antioxidant power. OPC is a secondary plant material which prevents the forming of free radicals and thus reduces the risk of early skin aging. Grape seed oil is quickly absorbed by skin and hair, providing them with moisture without leaving an unsightly fat film on the surface. Due to its elaborate production, it is one of the most precious oils in the world. In order to produce one liter, the kernels of about two tons of ripened grapes have to be processed.

jojoba, moisture, easy to comb, natural ingredients, essential, natural haircare, quality

Kernels of the Jojoba of the Jojoba are obtained from the evergreen Jojoba shrub, which is located in the Sonora desert in the southwest of the USA and parts of Mexico. The extract obtained from the seeds offers a gentle hair care. It provides the hair with important moisture and leaves it with bounce and combability. At the same time, it protects the hair from drying out. Th extract helps repair brittle hair and makes the it smoother. Even styling residues from hairspray, gel and co. can easily be removed by using care products containing jojoba oil. The hair products penetrate into the hair very quickly and still show a long-term effect. The moisture content can be regulated naturally, so that the hair remains soft and supple.

soybean, soy proteins, healthy hair, natural ingredients, essential, natural haircare, quality

The soybean has a particularly high protein content of almost 40 percent, which is why it plays such an important role in hair cosmetics. The high-quality soy proteins penetrate quickly into the hair. They have a strengthening effect and also leave your hair with a natural, healthy and full look. At the same time, soybeans supply the hair with important moisture, which makes them particularly suitable for treating dry hair. However, they are also a suitable ingredient for skin care products, as they form a protective film on the skin and prevent it from early skin aging. In addition to soy proteins, a lot of massage oils and cosmetic products also work with soybean oil.

kiwi, moisture and nutrition, natural ingredients, essential, natural haircare, quality

The Kiwi originates from South-West China. At the beginning of the 20th century, it then found its way to Europe via New Zealand. It is considered a true vitamin C bomb, which is also rich in minerals and fibres. These properties are what makes this exotic fruit so special to the cosmetics industry, as it offers moisture, nutrition and movement to the hair. At the same time, it gives your hair an elegant shine, as well as more volume. This fruit is as effective because of its high content of omega-3 fatty acids and the rich oil that can be obtained from the black kiwi seeds. Above all, the kiwi extract is used for treating dry and unruly hair, but it is also a silver bullet when it comes to preventing your hair from going grey. It is the fruit’s high content of copper that ensures that the natural hair color is retained for a longer period of time.

marula, unruly hair, antioxidants, natural ingredients, essential, natural haircare, quality

The golden yellow fruits of the Marula tree thrive best in Africa. From the mirabelle-sized Marula fruit a precious oil with many positive qualities can be obtained. For instance, Marula oil has a moisturizing effect. It makes the hair softer and smoother without weighting it down. It is perfect for treating dry and unruly hair. In addition, it has an antioxidant effect, thus protecting the hair from harmful UV radiation and preventing it from bleaching and drying out. In fact, the Marula oil has about 60 percent more antioxidants than the well-known argan oil, which makes it a good alternative for the summer.

shea, moisture, repair brittle ends, natural ingredients, essential, natural haircare, quality

Shea nuts grow on the wild Carite tree which is known as "the tree of health” in the forests of West Africa. Due to the high content of fat, the nuts serve as an important food in this region. However, shea nuts are also ideal for hair cosmetics. The so-called shea butter is made from the nuts. It supplies your hair with moisture, leaves it smoother and also repairs brittle ends and improves combability. At the same time, the shea butter contains a high amount of antioxidants, which protect the hair from direct sun exposure. Also, using shea butter as an ingredient is beneficial to your scalp and, to top it all off, it also fights frizz. Moreover, products containing shea butter leave your hair with a shiny finish, making this ingredient not only suitable for hair care, but also styling products.

argan oil, healthy hair, moisture, natural ingredients, essential, natural haircare, quality

Argan oil oil is one of the most precious oils in the world. This is due to the refined composition of the high-quality ingredients, which bring along a variety of positive qualities. The oil extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree with its enormously strengthening effect originates from Morocco. The omega-3 and omega-4 fatty acids contained in this oil repair your hair and make it look healthy and full. At the same time, this oil is equipped with a huge number of antioxidants, naturally protect the hair from excesive sun exposure. Thus, argan oil effectively prevents your hair from bleaching or drying out, which is why it is often used in shampoos and intensive treatments.

linseed, repairs brittle hair, free radicals, natural ingredients, essential, natural haircare, quality

Linseed is a remedy and food, which has been cultivated in Europe for over 7000 years. From this linseed, a precious oil is obtained, which reliably protects all the hair cells and also prevents damages caused by free radicals. At the same time, linseed (oil) repairs brittle parts of your hair, as well as damaged and powerless hair, giving it a healthy look. To top it all off, all haircare products enriched with linseed not only leave your hair softer, smoother, stronger and without frizz, but also with an elegant gloss. Thanks to its controlling effect, linseed are also ideal for treating unruly hair.

açaí berries, fatty acids, smoothness, natural ingredients, essential, natural haircare, quality

Acai berries are a true miracle cure. They supply the hair with moisture, protects it from UV radiation while also leaving it smooth and soft. These wonder-working berries have their origin in South and Central America and have already conquered the hair cosmetics market all over the world since a few years. Acai berries are rich in important minerals and vitamins, as well as in omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, which have a nourishing effect on the hair, making it look healthy and full. At the same time, the antioxidants contained in the berries provide excellent protection against harmful UV light, thus preventing the hair from bleaching or drying out. With this natural protection, even environmental influences cannot harm the hair.

maca, superfood, smooth hair, natural ingredients, essential, natural haircare, quality

Maca is also often referred to as the Superfood of the Andes. Thanks to its numerous positive qualities, the Maca root has got a stellar reputation. For example, it has an aphrodisiac effect and also contains high amounts of calcium and magnesium. The Maca root has a revitalizing effect on the hair and gives it new shine. At the same time, the root makes the hair smoother and easier to comb. It covers each hair like a protective film, acting like a natural and reliable protection from environmental influences. Last but not least, the root has a positive effect on the cell structure, meaning, that it strengthens the hair and also repairs brittle areas. So, colored or heavily strained hair can only benefit from the Maca root.

beeswax, skin compatibility, natural bounce, natural ingredients, essential, natural haircare, quality

The Agave nectar has a soothing effect and is ideal for treating brittle and stressed hair, as well as irritated scalp. It contains a large amount of polysaccharide molecules, which have a high water binding effect. Due to its nourishing properties, it gets more and more popular as a component for hair care products. Its effect can be compared to that of a conditioner, as it leaves the hair softer and easier to comb. At the same time, it gives the hair a natural hold, thus proving itself ideal for styling products. Since the hair obtains a natural hold, up-dos and braids can be created more easily. Agaves are cultivated in almost all tropical and subtropical regions, so that a high availability can be guaranteed.

beeswax, skin compatibility, natural bounce, natural ingredients, essential, natural haircare, quality

Beeswax is a natural beautifier that is not only good for the skin but especially for the hair. The wax is a by-product of the honeybee and is characterized by its excellent skin compatibility. It provides valuable moisture and important nutrients, giving your hair a natural bounce while maintaining a strong, healthy look. Smoothness and combability are also added. Hair care products which contain this ingredient also give your hair an elegant shine. Especially in the cold winter months, beeswax is the perfect aide for treating brittle and dry hair.

provitamin B5, eliminates spliss, tames unruly hair, natural ingredients, essential, natural haircare, quality

Provitamin B5 is involved in numerous metabolic processes and significantly contributes to beautiful hair. It occurs in almost every food. Nevertheless, many people suffer from a deficiency, which results in brittle, dull hair, or even split ends. These problems can often be eliminated by a regular intake of this important vitamin, which at the same time also provides numerous other positive effects, such as a healthy function of the adrenal glands or a much better stress management. So, with this wonder-working miracle, you can kill several birds with one stone. Provitamin B5 is also often used in medical skin care because of its healing properties. It is known to improve the moisture content of skin and hair and acts anti-inflammatory. Provitamin B5 contained in hair care products can offer numerous positive effects, such as protecting the hair against split ends. Furthermore, it tames unruly hair and gives it shine.

pomegranate, antioxidant, natural ingredients, essential, natural haircare, quality

The pomegranate has always been a symbol of fertility, youth and beauty. This is not surprising at all, as the color-intensive fruit from the Middle East is characterized by a natural active ingredient complex, which effectively protects your hair against not only sun exposure but also other environmental influences. In addition, the red fruit provides precious moisture, gives your hair more elasticity and has an anti-inflammatory effect, so that even a stressed scalp can benefit from a hair care product containing pomegranate. The cosmetics sector´s main interest lays in the fruits kernels, which are filled with oil. The sumptuous fruit is also rich in antioxidant properties.

wheat protein, brittle hair, treatment, natural ingredients, essential, natural haircare, quality

Hydrolysed wheat proteins are also known under the collective term of phyto peptides. Wheat proteins repair brittle hair. They adhere to the outer keratin layers of the hair and make them look and feel healthier and stronger. Therefore, wheat proteins are an important component of numerous shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments. Furthermore, wheat proteins form a protective film around the hair and thus protects it from damage caused by external influences, such as blow drying and combing. It also protects the hair against UV radiation and salt water. Hair care products containing wheat protein are perfect for stressed hair, because they promote the hair’s ability to retain moisture and contribute to achieving healthy hair.

carnauba palm, vegetable wax, protect against external influences, natural ingredients, essential, natural haircare, quality

The extracts obtained from carnauba palm give the hair more firmness and provide an excellent hold, which lasts all day. From the Brazilian Carnauba palm, the world's hardest vegetable wax can be obtained, which is a component of numerous styling products. Not only does it provide an optimal hold, it also gives the hair more grip, so that up-dos and braids can be created more easily. In addition, the extracts of the Carnauba Palm have water-repellent and film-forming qualities, which effectively protect your hair against external influences.

hazelnut oil, dry hair moisture, high gloss, natural ingredients, essential, natural haircare, quality

Hazelnut oil contains numerous minerals, as well as valuable vitamin E. The hair absorbs the natural substance well, ensuring a great nourishing effect. Hazelnut oil provides dry hair with moisture and gives it more suppleness. At the same time, the oil leaves your hair with great gloss and makes it easier to comb. The nut oil is perfect for clients with greasy scalp. It helps the skin regulate its sebum deposits and ensures a balanced fat content. Originally, the hazelnut comes from Asia, which later crossed the sea to France. Today, it is widely distributed all throughout Europe and is an important component of many hair care products.

macadamia, oil of the macadamia nut, more suppleness, natural ingredients, essential, natural haircare, quality

With a fat content of 70%, the oil of the Macadamia nut is very rich and it also contains vitamin E with its protective qualities. Macadamia oil is particularly good for dry hair tips but can also be used for lengths. It regulates sebum production, thus re-balancing greasy scalp. In addition, products containing macadamia oil give the hair more suppleness and shine, which results in healthy hair which can be combed easily. Macadamia nuts originally come from Australia´s forests and are considered one of the most valuable nuts in the world. Due to their popularity, however, they are now also cultivated in many other regions of the world. Macadamia Oil contains more omega-7 than any other nut oil and is also filled with omega-9, antioxidants, as well as vitamin E, which all improve hair strength, repair damage and restore shine and softness in dry, brittle hair while simultaneously also reducing frizz and flyaways.

Rice seed oil naturally protects hair from sun. The rich oil is extracted from the rice bran and has a high content of UVA- and UVB-absorbing natural oryzanol with antioxidant effect, which protects the hair from bleaching or drying out. This way, the hair can be exposed to the sun for a longer period of time without any worry. Rice seed oil only has a low greasing effect. Thus, it provides the hair with important moisture without weighing it down. In addition, the oil is absorbed quickly; it soothes irritable and sensitive scalp. Its nourishing effect makes powerless hair look healthy and full again, which is why this oil plays such an important part in hair care specifically during winter.

olive oil, healthy hair, dry scalp,  natural ingredients, essential, natural haircare, quality

Olive oil is one of the most popular home remedies for natural hair care. Thus, it is added to more and more hair cosmetics products. The oil from the Mediterranean olive tree makes even very brittle, dull hair look healthy and smooth again – thanks to its high fat content, which provides moisture and gives the hair a healthy shine. Dry scalp with dandruff can also be treated with olive oil. The extracts obtained from the olive restore the sebum production and soothe irritated skin. Strained hair tips can be treated well with this oil, as it forms a protective film around each hair.

milk proteins, essential amino acids, brittle hair, natural ingredients, essential, natural haircare, quality

Already Cleopatra knew about the deeply nourishing qualities of milk proteins. Milk proteins are appreciated for their smoothing properties and are known to provide intensive moisture to both skin and hair. Milk contains up to 40% essential amino acids, which the body itself cannot absorb. They must therefore be supplied from the outside, for example by using a shower gel. In addition, milk proteins consist largely of hydrophilic amino acids, which provide skin and hair with important moisture. Dry skin and brittle hair are a thing of the past. Due to their special structure, milk proteins can bind well to the skin and hair, thus repairing the hair. At the same time, the rough surface of the hair is smoothed, creating a glossy finish.

cranberries, antioxidants, silky shine, natural ingredients, essential, natural haircare, quality

The bright red cranberries originate from the USA. Not only are the bouncy fruits delicious, a precious oil can also be extracted from their kernels. Cranberry oil is composed of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. In addition, there are numerous natural antioxidants that effectively protect the hair from the sun. Also, it prevents the hair from drying out Cranberry oil penetrates easily into the hair and provides it with important moisture. It makes the hair smoother and silkier, giving it a beautiful shine.

walnut oil, omega 9 fatty acids, balanced moisture, natural ingredients, essential, natural haircare, quality

Walnut oil originates from Persia but has since spread to Europe (southern France). High-quality walnut oil is ideal for giving your hair a nourishing wellness treatment. The walnut is one of the top suppliers for omega-9 fatty acids. It gives the hair a healthy shine, ensures a balanced moisture content and significantly more smoothness. You also do not need to worry about harmful UV rays anymore. The oil acts like a natural sunscreen and protects your hair from other harmful environmental influences, such as blow drying or combing. Walnut oil is a component of shampoos, treatments and conditioners. The oil is extracted from the kernels of the walnut.