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COLORWATCH SYSTEM – brilliant color with intensive protection

Our revolutionary Colorwatch System is an absolute must for any hair coloring service. The carefully selected blend of active ingredients repairs broken connections between keratin fibres and forms new bonds. This way, even hair, that was previously damaged, is thoroughly regenerated. As a result, you obtain a rich color, as well as healthy, strengthened hair.

The Colorwatch System can be included in any coloring service and does not add any extra effort for the hairdresser or the client. It’s both simple and ingenious!

Step 1: The Colorwatch Extract is added to the mixed coloring product.

Step 2: The Colorwatch Cream is applied directly onto the hair as a final intensive treatment.

Optimum protection with ‘Niosom-Protect-Technology’ The active ingredients are encapsulated in niosomes and precisely infiltrated into the hair fibers, thus supplying the hair´s cortex with deep-acting ingredients.

Highly effective combinations of active ingredients

The isoflavones extracted from the soy bean moisturize and improve the condition of the hair. N-acetyl L-cysteine protects the hair and regenerates broken bonds. Phytoceramides form a protective shield around the hair’s cortex. Amino acids provide the hair with moisture, strengthen it and repair damaged sections.