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The story behind the development

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference when it comes to the quality of a product, but sometimes it’s the big picture that’s of importance. With NEWSHA, it’s countless factors and details that have contributed to creating such a unique hair color. The color’s high and effective nourishing effect does not only result from the precious and hand-picked ingredients, such as baobab-oil, monoi-oil and blue lotus extract, but also from the color molecule’s degree of purity, as the pure pigments of this molecule are essential for the hair color’s gloss and vibrancy.

Its production process is divided into 4 phases, thus guaranteeing the gentle processing of all ingredients, as well as their melting together. It’s the combination of a magical color experience and an intensive nourishing effect which makes color by NEWSHA stand out from the crowd – and what makes it possible: the product’s light cream basis which was designed to suit the high demands of the cosmetic skin care.


In this phase, pure pigments are mixed together in a special mixer with demineralized water at a constant temperature of 90°C, as well as at a constant rotation of the stirrer. As a result, both these ingredients are melted together without residue. This elaborate process forms the indispensable basis for the creation of a pure color molecule. Its purity is a crucial factor when it comes to the quality, vibrancy and gloss of the hair color.


In this phase, the foundation of the hair color is established – namely its nourishing and high-quality cream basis. Contrary to conventional hair colors, NEWSHA doesn´t use any common or low-quality substances. Instead, it developed a cosmetic cream basis inspired by the highly effective skin care. What makes it so special: its light and nourishing texture enriched with the richest and most precious ingredients which is processed under certain conditions. All the ingredients are carefully mixed together under heat and then left to slowly cool. This cooling process can take up to 3 hours in order to ensure the required consistency and achieve the best possible result.


In this phase, the components for the nourishing complex – namely baobab-oil, monoi-oil, as well as blue lotus extract – are mixed together in a separate container under low heat (max. 25°C) and slow rotation. During this process, it is of the utmost importance to ensure the careful processing of the natural ingredients to maintain the nourishing complex’s moisturizing properties. Afterwards, the floral note of the Pink Fashion Rose is added to the product. The pleasant scent is one of the most distinguishing features of color by NEWSHA.


In the last phase of the production process, the ingredients and mixtures obtained from the preceding phases are now melted together with a globally unique mixer that has been produced exclusively for NEWSHA, creating a perfectly homogeneous result: a hair color, that surpasses all the requirements of a professional hair color.