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NEWSHA – the tribute to hair

As a salon-exclusive brand, we set ourselves apart from our competition in the hairdressing market!

NEWSHA was created from the cooperation between hand-picked experts in and enthusiasts of the haircare sector. NEWSHA has been all ears for hairdressers all around the world and thus developed products geared to their needs. As a result, NEWSHA impresses with a clear collection of care and styling products, as well as innovative salon systems.

Our precious product range is completed by color by NEWSHA, the color that simplifies everything. It’s what makes NEWSHA that unique.

color by NEWSHA – excellent hair color for excellent hairdressers

With color by NEWSHA, we provide professional colorists with a hair color that not only impresses with its maximum shade variety– thanks to its cosmetic foundation and the contained Superfood-Oil-Complex, the hair color also has an extremely nourishing effect. By processing pure pigments, the color results with color by NEWSHA are matchless with intense vibrancy: creative color experts, who accept nothing but perfection, can only gain from this product!

The cosmetic hair color

» stands for innovation: we exclusively use the purest color molecules which correspond to the so-called “Internally Flawless” degree of purity – the same degree used for analysing the purity of diamonds

» is free from PPD, parabens and SLES – ensuring a well-tolerated and safe application

» is cruelty free and vegan – neither NEWSHA nor our suppliers conduct experiments on animals. Our coloring products contain no animal derived ingredients

» contains high-quality natural ingredients – the contained Superfood-Oil-Complex (baobab-oil, monoi-oil and blue lotus extract) ensure an intensive care, as well as maximum protection of the hair. The fine note of the Pink Fashion Rose creates a pleasant color experience

» is based on a specific production process divided into 4 phases, which guarantees the best and most gentle processing of all the precious ingredients

» Exclusiveness – NEWSHA is and always will be exclusive to hairdressers and thus only intended for professional use in salons


Internally Flawless – the highest degree of purity of diamonds

Pure color molecule: The higher the color pigment’s purity, the more precious and vibrant its effect. Due to their rareness, particularly those ultra-pure pigments are very important and precious.

The color molecules’ purity – which can be compared to the degree of purity Internally Flawless used for polished diamonds – is of the utmost importance to us. The pure pigments reflect the light, thus creating shiny effects in the hair, as well as an unmatchable color result.