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Dec 21 ,2017

The stylish man – Undercut, Man-Bun & Co.

Hairstyling is a woman’s job? No way! The modern man attaches great importance to the right outfit and look. Men have never been so crazy about styling and care products as they are today.

Whether beard or hair – care is a must

Whether professional tools and care products for the perfect and soft beard or just for the successful and even shave – men buy creams and oils for the stressed, shaved skin and pastes, as well as gel and styling wax for a and trendy hairstyle. Hair is no longer just hair – it is one of the most important accessories! With a new hairdo, a man can totally change his image or even create a completely new style.

Spoilt for choice

It is no longer just a distinction between short and long hair, there are a variety of different trends. A well-groomed long hair look? A casual undercut? Shoulder-length hair tied to a man-bun? Or maybe a classic short haircut with styled fringe? Some of you have already found your suitable look years ago and remain loyal to it. But there are also many men who experiment with their hair and are inspired by the new and charismatic trends.

Find your own style

Especially the fashion and film industry shows us a variety of stylish men with different hairstyles and hair colors. With beard AND hair, men actually have even more options than women to underline their style and character or to completely change their look. The hair colors brown, black and blond still dominate the men’s color choices, but leaving natural hair color behind is no longer a rarity! Whether blond hair with a dark beard, lighter or darker highlights or grey hair. At this point, we do not have to mention how popular grey hair has become, whether on the heads of men or women! Grey hair ranges from casual to sexy and has become very popular for both young and old! But the most important thing is being happy and self-confident with your own hair.

Barber and stylist – the contact point for the modern man

From professional and creative barbers, who provide you with the best hairstyle, to the increasingly popular barbers who get the best out of your beard – everyone has the opportunity to express his personality with an individual look! Hair is the accessory that men wear every day!

A good style is no coincidence

The care and the styling are crucial and are your own responsibility. We'll give you a few ideas of stylish and modern haircuts for men:

-Messy Man Bun: with a little longer hair; fix fine strands with light wax

-Sleek look à la David Beckham: with plenty of gel or wax, the entire hair is tightly combed backwards

-Spiky Hair: short hair, strands are styled up with light or strong gel

-Pompadour à la Elvis Presley: short (but not too short) sides and longer hair in the middle, fringe styled backwards voluminously using gel or pomade

-New Crop: Side sections are shortened strongly with the machine; the top hair stays a little longer

-Bro Flow: ideal for thicker and a medium-length hair; leave hair longer in the middle and style it back loosely

-Short Shag: undone look, a short hairstyle with fringed strands

-Frosted Tips: hairstyle à la Christiano Ronaldo, light highlights, short sides; comb backwards slightly longer top hair using gel

-Buzz Cut: raspy hair to bald head

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