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Nov 16 ,2017

Waking up with perfect hair

Wake-up from sleep looking like Sleeping Beauty? Sure!

Every girl dreams of starting the day as pretty as possible! #naturalbeauty Which ‘overnight-hairstyle’ is the best to avoid frizz and undesirable hair kinks? Many women ask themselves this exact question before going to bed and starting their needed beauty sleep – our Newsha experts have gathered helpful and simple tips for all of you:

1. NEVER go to bed with wet or damp hair. This is an unwritten law in the beauty industry because it results in frizzy and dry hair!

2. Everything that keeps the hair tightly and firmly together is a NO-GO! No bun, no pony tails, no clips or barrettes – in the worst case, they break your hair!

3. Do not got to bed with loose hair. It increases split ends and the rubbing movement on your pilloq promotes dandruff.

4. Easy braids are a very helpful alternative to loose hair, bun or a normal plait!

5. Apply our precious Luxe Treatment Oil with argan oil to your hair and leave it in overnight. This is the best solution for waking up with shiny, supple and smooth hair down to the tips. But do not use too much of the oil. The quantity used should be tailored to your own hair structure and type.

6. Another awesome alternative to hair oil is our lovely Leave-In Conditioner which provides your hair with high performance care! It powerfully moisturizes your hair due to high-quality fatty acids and delivers antioxidants, as well as vitamins E and C. It is simply sprayed onto the hair and performs its magic overnight.

7. Use a silk pillow-case or a silk cap as a protector to avoid hair breakage and unwanted ruffling!

8. Use dry shampoo already before sleeping to prevent greasy hair in the morning and you can skip a hair wash. You should not wash your hair every day to avoid stressing the hair that much!

Our short to do’s:

Wash your hair during the day or in the evening – blow-dry or air-dry your hair – spray the Leave-In Conditioner onto your hair or apply some drops of the Luxe Treatment Oil and let it spread their secret magic while you sleep ;) – don’t forget to briefly comb your hair after using the haircare – simply braid your hair – now you can use some spray-on haircare again before jumping into bed and the world of sweet dreams.

PS: If desired, braid more tightly to wake up with beautiful wavy hair!

PPS: After using our tips --> Sleeping Beauty doesn’t stand a chance!

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