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Dec 15 ,2017

Oily scalp?

Oily scalp? Here’s how to solve your problem with professional results!

Due to excess sebum, the hair can appear oily and unkempt. Those burdened with this cross however tend to opt for solutions that worsen rather than improve the situation. But the solution is actually quite easy, for the right care can quickly improve one’s appearance and set one’s look on track to impress.

Wash your hair like a pro

Let us establish that, in general, we should welcome the fact that glands on our scalp produce sebum, because it serves to protect our hair and skin. However, various factors can lead to excessive production of this substance. The bottom line is that this causes hair to look oily, resulting in a rather unattractive look. As it makes those affected feel unhygienic, they tend to take frequent and hot showers, and also turn to cosmetics containing aggressive ingredients. Unfortunately, this behavior only serves to stimulate the production of sebum, increasing the problem. Applying NEWSHA’s Daily Ritual Shampoo twice or three times per week using lukewarm water is sufficient to get rid of any oily remnants.

Taking your time is key. The shampoo is normally applied after wetting the hair. If necessary, the effects can be intensified by applying the shampoo to dry hair once a week. Gently massaging the scalp is also beneficial, as this removes excess sebum from the glands. On the one hand, it is important to cover all parts of the scalp from the parting to the back of the head. On the other hand, the hairline must not be neglected, given that this is where most of the oily substances settle. After massaging the product into your hair and foaming it up, rinse thoroughly without drawing out the process unnecessarily.

Tips for the right care

NEWSHA’s Daily Ritual Shampoo contains plant-based ingredients such as rosemary extracts, which aim to maintain the healthy equilibrium of your scalp. A balanced condition should be the aim of the game, so as to avoid problems such as itchy skin irritations or dandruff. You may need to be patient, as it may take a while after switching to the right cosmetics until you see the desired changes. Nevertheless, this sustainable strategy is better than applying aggressive products to your head for a supposedly quick fix that could potentially damage your skin and hair.

It’s true that many rich conditioners are not suitable for oily hair. However, you shouldn’t completely avoid supplying your hair with nutrients. After all, excess sebum does not protect the hair from external wear and tear. So the contradictory image of oily roots plus dry tips is not as rare as you may think. NEWSHA’s shampoo revitalizes your hair with moisture from the word go. You can intensify this regenerative effect by using a care product with a light formula. Our High Performance Leave-In Conditioner with marula extracts is perfect for the job. The recipe contains everything required to protect your hair from environmental influences and give it long-term strength without weighing the texture down with overly rich ingredients.

Promote a healthy balance through a balanced lifestyle

It is very rarely the case that an overactive sebum gland is exclusively genetic. It is more common for the problem to be the result of an unhealthy lifestyle and incorrect hair care... or at least for these factors to intensify the medicinal causes. In short: live a healthy life, keep yourself happy, and you will find that beautiful hair comes rather naturally.

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