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Dec 15 ,2017

Nightmare on Split End (Street)

Split ends are every woman's nightmare. Your hair starts to split at the tips, making them appear dull and brittle. The cause: excessive wear and tear. This can be the result of mechanical, thermal, or chemical influences. Once your hair starts to split, it is time to act.

Declare war on split ends

One way of protecting your hair from splitting further is cutting off the split ends. Hairdressers can offer two solutions:

1. Cut the whole length, where all of your hair is shortened. Depending on how far gone your split ends are, this option can significantly reduce the overall length of your hair.

2. Split-cut option: Here, your hairdresser will gradually separate out little strands of the dry hair and twists them to the tip so that the split ends poke out of the bunched strands. Now the split ends can be cut off.

There is a myriad of care products available on the market that promise to repair your hair and reduce split ends. However, they don't actually repair anything: what they do is seal up your hair to hide the split ends from sight.

What women can do about it

To avoid putting extra strain on split hair through brushing, we recommend spraying our High Performance Leave In Conditioner (2-3 pumps depending on length) into your towel-dry hair after each shampoo and carefully combing it through.

You should also treat your hair to an intensive care treatment once or twice a month for to go that extra mile. The Flawless Repair Treatment has been specially developed for fine to normal hair. It regenerates strongly worn hair without weighing it down. Our All About Smooth Treatment is the perfect choice for normal to strong hair.

Newsha tip: The Newsha Rescue System works from the inside out to give your hair lasting strength and prevent further hair breakage. Your hair is left silkier, easier to manage, and healthier. Our Newsha Rescue System is available exclusively in our partner salons

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