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Dec 22 ,2017

Blog Newsha Trends '18

We travelled through Paris, New York, Milan and London to find fashionable street looks for you – and came to a unanimous conclusion: 2018 is called “back to basic”. Back in 2017, the trend was towards the undone and no-makeup look. Now it is even more casual, informal, feminine, spontaneous …

Timelessly chic: the Clavi-Cut

Whether straight or shorter at the back and longer at the front – trendy and modern women love this look. Add a few gently waves and the look gets an extra dose of femininity. The maximum length can be up to the collarbone.

Naughty & girly: the pixie cut

The tough short haircut currently celebrates a huge and successful comeback. It gives every woman an extra dose of self-confidence and charism. All possible lengths and variants of this special hairstyle are allowed.

Romantic and playful: long hairstyle

Long hair continues to be a top favorite. With a simple layered cut, the hair falls especially soft and casual. The hair color is clearly “back to basic”. Highlights with foil techniques? C’est passé!

The so called “freehand techniques” are becoming increasingly popular. Anyone who still wants to make a statement with their hair color may also like to wear their hair conspicuously in 2018. But instead of bright colors, in 2018, the trend is towards dull, metallic and less shrill colorations.

Braided Styles

Braids still rock the beauty industry. Casual and simple braids are just timeless and a true eye-catcher. Whether long or short, single or multiple, as a mermaid or French braid – the braided style is and will remain THE trend in 2018. Braids never got out of style!

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