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Dec 15 ,2017

How to fight the frizzles

Awful, God-awful ... Frizz: How to fight the frizzles!

It’s as though your hair has been cursed by an evil hag: one minute you have the perfect look, the next it’s replaced by a horrid patch of frizz. High-quality cosmetics can help you reduce frizz. However, it isn’t possible to banish this phenomenon completely, and even professional stylists fear the appearance of the frizz at their shows. So it’s a clever idea to have your secret weapon with you wherever you are to set things straight.

Unfortunate mixture of dry atmosphere and moist weather.

The frizz problem is so complex that it even has scientists investigating it. One thing is certain: frizz is caused by the hair’s reaction to a fluctuating mix of cold moisture outside and the dry heated air inside. If the hair’s protective cuticle layer isn’t completely sealed off, hydrogen molecules can get inside. Once in, they slot themselves uncontrollably into gaps where your hair fibres are lacking hydrogen bonds. The biochemical process that ensues fluffs up the structure of your hair and causes frizz. Of course, this process has a particularly strong effect on hair that is dry and rough as a result of excessive wear and tear. So, it’s no wonder that providing your hair with ample moisture and keeping its texture smooth play a significant role in preventing frizz. So it is important to look after your hair particularly well when the colder seasons set in to keep that frizz under control.

Products for a balanced provision of moisture and a smooth hair structure

You can start by using a shampoo which provides a high moisture content, followed by the application of nourishing cosmetics that regenerate your hair from the inside out and give it lasting strength. Enter NEWSHA’s Deep Repolishing Cream, enriched with olive oil and keratin (amongst other ingredients). Using this cream not only strengthens the inner fibres of your hair; these salon cosmetics also help promote a reliably smooth cuticle structure throughout your hair. Should the dreaded frizz make an appearance soon after washing your hair, we recommend that you massage the cream into damp hair just after drying off and before, say, your facial routine. Air drying your hair always leaves openings at the cuticula, which isn’t a problem in summer. In winter, however, it is probably smarter to smooth out the texture of your hair using a hot styling device. Of course, you shouldn’t forget the trusty heat-protection product to prevent your hair from drying out.

Refresh your look as and when needed

Nothing is perfect in this world and demanding environmental influences are omni-present, which means that even the best-groomed mane will be lacking the odd hydrogen bond in the hair fibres. There are also other factors such as electrostatic charge that cause flyaway hairs. You can control such unfortunate influences to a certain extent by avoiding hats and jumpers made purely from synthetic materials. Nevertheless, few can avoid, say, that endless synthetic carpet at the cinema. Unfortunately, we have not yet developed a magic formula to stop such styling sabotage in its tracks. That’s why professionals always have a little miracle such as the Deep Repolishing Cream at hand. Because it can be used on dry hair, too, you only need to apply a touch of this cream to put flyaways in their place.

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