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Dec 15 ,2017

Haircare for the cold season

In winter, your hair needs special care to protect it!

These 5 tips help you to enjoy the snowy and beautiful winter season without hair damage.

1. Hair masks are the “nuts and bolts”

Our highly effective Deep Treatment Masque is enriched with precious shea butter and olive leaf extracts. It penetrates deep into the hair and provides it with sufficient moisture. Especially in winter, your hair needs more moisture, due to heating air, cold weather or wearing caps!

For maximum care effect: Wrap hair in a towel and keep it for 15-20 minutes!

2. Don’t leave the house with wet hair!

As soon as wet hair is exposed to really cold air, it can lead to hair breakage and split ends. Who wants that?

Blow-dry your hair carefully and use our Texturizing Volume Powder in the morning. It contains rice germ oil, which gives each hair natural volume and fullness for the whole day.

Our High Performance Leave-In Conditioner is a true all-rounder, it builds up the hair, prevents frizz and provides luxurious shine. For efficient care without rinsing! In addition, your hair is protected throughout the day and overcomes snow and rain without problems.

3. Proper water temperature and moderate heat

In winter the hair should be washed with lukewarm water and blown-dry with medium heat, as the hair is thus preserved and does not lose its shine.

For maximum shine we recommend you the liquefied luxury for the hair: our Luxe Treatment Oil, with argan oil! It gives suppleness, smoothes the hair structure and makes it very easy to comb. Not to mention the heavenly scent.

4. Use mild and moisturizing shampoos

The hair must be supplied with sufficient moisture. But this should be done as gently as possible. Our Daily Ritual Shampoo with valuable rosemary extracts cleanses your hair gently and intensively. The moisture balance is supported, the hair is nourished and vitalized. It's kind of a boost and a fresh-up for your hair!

5. Never “rub” the hair dry

A tip that is not only appropriate in winter: the rough rubbing with the towel can lead to hair breakage. The cuticle of the hair is roughened and / or even destroyed. Gently knead the hair from the hairline to the tips. Use our Round Brush or Velvet Paddle Brush while blow-drying – for a quick, dry and shiny finish.

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