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Dec 27 ,2017

Say Goodbye to hair breakage and frizz

You comb, you smooth, you dye and style – at the end of the day your own hair looks like brittle straw or “weak spaghetti”. It tends to split ends and seems quite lifeless.

Due to heat styling or colorations, the cuticle layer of the hair gets roughened and damaged! The result: the hair appears dull and stressed.

What to do with strained, so-called “broken” hair?

Different causes can be responsible for damaged and dry hair. A distinction is made between negative, external influences or individual health reasons.

External factors:

- chemical treatments, e.g. coloration, hair straightening or perm

- excessive use of heat styling tools, such as curling iron or hair straightener

- incorrect use of hair care products at home

- environmental influences: salt water, sun, chlorinated water

Influences from inside:

- unbalanced diet

- deficiency symptoms, e.g. vitamins, iron etc.

- hormonal changes, e.g. during pregnancy, after stopping to use birth control pills, etc.

- medication

Right care for damaged hair

Use special and high-quality products for especially dry and damaged hair. It is important to use a shampoo with a particularly high proportion of care elements as well as high moisture contents.

Another must during your daily hair routine is the conditioner. It seals the hair structure after shampooing and thus protects it from harmful environmental influences.

You should provide your hair with an intensive treatment 1-2 times a week. This penetrates the hair, regenerates and rebuilds its structure.

Banish hair ties with metal parts from your bathroom. The metal additionally damages the hair and roughens the hair structure.

For all lovers of curling iron and hair straightener: Always make use of heat protection products against the intense heat. The product not only protects but also moisturizes your hair.

NEWSHA tip: By the way – a drop of hair oil is always suitable for extra shine and brilliance!

Checklist – daily hair routine

1. shampoo with high moisture and care content
2. conditioner after every hair wash
3. 1-2x weekly: intensive treatment
4. use heat protection products for intense heat styling!

Application – daily hair routine

Step 1:

Use a hazelnut-sized amount of our Daily Ritual Shampoo, distribute evenly in wet hair until it foams up, then rinse thoroughly until the hair makes a “squeaky sound”!

Step 2:

After shampooing, spray our High Performance Leave In Conditioner 2-3 times onto towel-dried hair and carefully comb through.

Step 3:

Apply our Natural Touch Mousse from the hairline to the tips. Then style as usual.

Step 4

Knead a few drops of Luxe Treatment Oil into your hair lengths and tips for a shiny finish.

NEWSHA tip: We recommend to do a complete care ritual for your hair 1-2 times a week! For fine and normal hair, use our Flawless Repair Treatment, as it regenerates and moisturizes damaged hair without weighing it down. For normal to strong hair, make use of our All About Smooth Treatment and you will receive maximum shine and smoothness!

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