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Dec 18 ,2017

Good & bad silicons

Silicone the demon – what are the differences in quality?

There seems to be a steady stream of new discoveries being made when it comes to ingredients in modern cosmetics. At the same time, an increasing number of controversial ingredients are picked out by critics – and frequently, rightly so. This was the fate of the once acclaimed silicones, now avoided by many customers. However, people overlook the fact that only a few versions of this synthetic substance were subject to criticism. This is a shame, given that high-quality silicone care products can very much enrich your hair.

Synthetic all-rounder with a drawback in its cosmetic application

Silicone was first described by chemists at the start of the 20th century and established as an industrial product about four decades later. Loved by craftsmen, silicones can be used to swiftly fill gaps and seal windows, effectively keeping air and water out. Cosmetic businesses took up the thread of silicone’s filling effect, touting it as a secret weapon to guarantee a healthy hair texture.

The short-term effects of such cosmetic items remain convincing, given that hair appears smoother and shinier after the first wash using this shampoo. The downside of the more common versions of the ingredient is that they aren’t soluble in water. If regularly used, this leads to the creation of a persistent synthetic coating that only gives the impression of healthy hair. At the same time, however, the film of silicone prevents key nutrients from penetrating the hair fibres, worsening the situation gradually and invisibly.

NEWSHA’s strategy: Instead of banning silicone, make a careful choice

This led to striking disadvantages in the use of silicones, with experts justifiably blowing the whistle. However, what was forgotten with all the simplified coverage, was that there are many versions of silicone with different qualities. Versions of a simpler quality whose sole purpose is to stick long-term and carefully seal up are not well-suited to the production of cosmetics. Nevertheless, certain brands are sticking to their guns with recipes that are open to criticism, even though alternatives are available.

Professional use of chemical substances

So NEWSHA has made a conscious decision to include high-quality, water-soluble silicone in its products whenever it is seen to promote healthy hair. That's why you can use our products without worrying about the state of your hair – try it today and feel the benefits. In general, our philosophy is to live in close touch with nature, meeting the needs of ambitious hairdressers who wouldn’t dream of using harmful cosmetics in their salons. There are certain areas, however, in which modern chemistry has the upper hand, for example when it comes to finding clever solutions in hair care or the sustainable use of rare plant-based resources. It is here that NEWSHA likes to use scientific progress in its development of effective cosmetics.

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