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Dec 21 ,2017

Beautiful braids

Braided hairstyles – from quick and easy to high-end styling

If it has to be really fast. As a hairstyle for in between. As a solution for a stressed-out morning or with little time for a complex and intense styling. In a conspicuous and painstaking form, for a glamorous appearance at an event, with flowers, pearls, hair clips at the Coachella Festival or simply as a practical and fixed look during your workout! The world of braided hairstyles offers you numerous and very different possibilities. It is quite diverse, creative and simply ideal for every occasion and every situation. Whether it’s for a wedding, nightlife, shopping trip, sports event, business lunch or relaxed summer day on the beach. There is always the right version of braids which is easy to create – without much effort and time!

Too busy for style?

Something for the women among us, who do not like to spend a lot of time styling or simply do not have the time for it. You only need a few tools and tricks to achieve a perfect braid-look! The best way to obtain the braided hairstyles is to not braid your hair directly after washing it. If you wait, it gives you the required hold, ensuring a long durability of your braids-hairdo.

The following tools and products are the foundation of every braiding hairstyle:

- Brush and/or Comb with antistatic effect! 

- Bobby Pins; simple hairpins

- Thin and simple hair elastics without metal 

- Hairspray and/or hair mousse

- If necessary: use straightener or hair dryer for more complex looks


These are our top favorite-braids – and our instructions step by step:

The herringbone braid / “Mermaid braid” – elegant and playful

Step 1: Divide the entire hair into two equal parts

Step 2: Grab a thin strand from the outside right and put it on the other side over the rest of your hair.

Step 3: Put a small outer strand from the left part of the hair over the middle and then let it fall to the right to the large strand and braid firmly

Step 4: Repeat alternately until reaching the end of the braid

Step 5: Fix with a thin hair tie

Step 6: Slightly loosen the braid for a more playful and romantic look

Step 7: AND of course, fix with sufficient hair spray, if desired!

Sporty Boxer Braids – ideal for your workout

Step 1: Pull center parting to the neck and divide hair into two parts

Step 2: Braid a “Dutch braid” on both sides of the top of the head (always put the left and right strand under the middle strand) and position the plaits under the braid (the more symmetrical the more beautiful)

Step 3: Tie both braids together

Step 4: If desired, fix with hair spray for maximum hold


For those of you who love video tutorials, just use YouTube for Braid Hair Tutorials. You’ll find countless instructional videos – from easy and for daily use to elegant for a night out!

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