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Dec 14 ,2017

Blow-dry or air-dry the hair? – the big debate

It’s known that the regular heat-styling with hair dryer, straightener and curling iron can damage your hair, as well as its structure. This is why people think that it would be healthier and less harmful for the hair to simply let it air-dry and not expose it to the hot air of the blow-dryer. In general, the idea is correct, as excessive heat exposure roughens the hair structure and disturbs its natural moisture balance, which can lead to a dull and frizzy look – and who wants that?

There are studies proving that letting the hair air-dry causes more damages to the hair! Wet hair is particularly sensitive, so there is a greater risk of hair breakage. In short: The hair wants to be put back into its safe and dry condition as soon as possible and in the gentlest way.

Let’s deal with the significant difference between intense heat styling and the simple hair-drying. It is always important to dry your hair with a towel from roots to tips, while kneading it downwards. Never rub your hair – this will cause the devilish hair breakage and frizzy hair. While blow-drying, you should keep a sufficient distance of about 15cm to your hair and only make use of cool and gentle air, which dries your hair just as effectively as hot air but is less harmful to the sensitive hair structure and therefore of great importance.

It is always beneficial to consider the risks and negative consequences of heat styling and very hot blow drying. Try not to strain the hair too much – but still find your own, best and most efficient solution. Your styling ritual often depends on the external circumstances. Especially stressors like time pressure play a major role! Our mantra: always use heat protection and pay attention to styling products with nourishing and moisturizing qualities. This way you’ll obtain the desired result while also minimizing strains for your beloved hair!

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