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Dec 20 ,2017

Beach Waves

It’s summertime and the question of the best hairstyle seems unanimously answered by stars and international influencer. The so popular beach waves are the 'relaxed' version of complex and strictly fixed curls!

Beach Waves – the beautiful summer favorite (which tools are the best?)

The hair near to the hairline as well as the tips are straight and only the middle section is waved and easily curled. This provides the casual beach look and gives the impression if the refreshing jump into the sea had changed their condition.

Again, we are back on the subject: Perfectly undone! Trendy beach waves are fighting the cold winter depression! No matter what time of the year – they always do their job and are an ideal accessory to any outfit, whether to an elegant cocktail dress, a casual jeans-sweater-sneaker look or a chic and simple office outfit. AND of course, a MUST for every sparkling summer look! These waves bring you positive vibes and the special touch of summer mood into your everyday life!

So that the beach waves find their way also successfully on your heads, we have the magic tips and tricks for you! Because even though the waves in the hair look so casual and simple, you need some products so that the look really fits and spread its summer magic for a long time!

You need these Newsha styling products:

Luxe Treatment Oil (optional for very dry hair)

High Performance Leave-In Conditioner

Texturizing Volume Powder (especially for the hairline)

Natural Hold Hairspray

• Natural Touch Mousse

Self-created beach waves

After shampooing, use a small amount of our Luxe Treatment Oil or some sprays of our High Performance Leave-In Conditioner and blow-dry the hair properly (think of our blog post “how to blow-dry your hair perfectly” and use cooler and gentler air). Apply our Texturizing Volume Powder on the neck and use it also for the hair lengths to gain natural volume and more fullness! Depending on which tool you prefer, either use the straightener or the curling iron to make loose waves in the hair. Tip: do not work with too much heat because the result should look more casual! Just find out, which temperature is sufficient and the best for your styling! Make sure you do not twist the whole strand around the curling iron or the straightener, the neck and the tips should look as smooth and un-styled as possible, to guarantee the trendy characteristic of the beach waves, which makes the undone look! When you're done with the curls, spray a few times with the Leave-In Conditioner onto your hair and loosen it with your fingers. Then fix it with the Natural Hold Hairspray, for the natural, but finished look!

And now you're ready to ride the wave!

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